Well, friends: it’s over. The Bar Exam is over. And I just have to thank you all for putting up with my yammering on about it for two months—even on a daily basis recently. And more than that, thanks for all your well wishes. Each one was a little glimmer of happy in what was otherwise a not-so-fun few days. But after you’ve been so patient, so thoughtful, so all-together wonderful, I have just one more favor to ask of you.

Do you remember how I’ve been saying for the last two days that we’d return to our “regularly scheduled” programming today? And do you know how said programming involves some photos, a story and always, always, a recipe? Well, I’m hoping if I ask nicely, you’ll permit me just one more non-recipe post? Pretty please?

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Day Two

July 30, 2008

These are the items on the menu for Day Two of the Bar Exam.


Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Tomorrow!

Day One

July 29, 2008

I found this photo of a wee-sized me at a Kitchen Sink (get it?) of yesteryear. I’ve been meaning to share it here for a while and I think Day One of the Bar Exam is a perfect time. How great is that kitchen? Not to mention what must have been my mom’s very stylish handbag to the right of me. And then there’s me. I look like a real hoot, if I do say so myself.

We will return to our regularly-scheduled programming on Thursday, when my post-exam life begins.


July 28, 2008

I’ve always considered myself quite a multi-tasker. But for the last few weeks of bar exam studies (it’s tomorrow!), I’ve taken it to a whole new level. I’ve been multi-multi-tasking. I can study for the bar exam while doing just about anything. There’s the obvious multi-taskable activities: riding the El, sweating on the elliptical trainer, waiting for the coffee to slowly drip its way into the pot. But everything I actually like doing is not all that multi-taskable. Cooking and grocery shopping, for instance, are decidedly (blissfully) focused and single-minded. You cannot exactly flip through flash cards when you’re wielding sharp knives or hovering over an open flame. And one should not have her nose in a book as she wends her way through a farmers’ market. But! But I have found a way to make blogging multi-taskable. That’s right, today (Bar Exam Eve, if you will) I am not only blogging, I’m also menu planning for the week!

I’m taking a page out of Eggs on Sunday‘s Amy’s book, who has been allowing us a glimpse into her weekly CSA boxes, giving us an idea of how she’s planning to put her pretty pile of produce to use. I’m also kind of boasting about the gorgeous bounty I hauled home from the farmers’ market yesterday morning:

Can you blame me? As you can see, I nabbed some bi-color sweet corn, as close to candy as a vegetable can get; a collection of summer squashes, in various shapes and sizes; a heap of tomatoes, half bite-sized, half as big as apples; and a handful or so of beans, green, yellow and purple.

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I Got Nothin’

July 24, 2008

Well, it finally happened. The legal rules have found their way into every single nook and cranny in my brain. If you can believe it, there is no room for daydreamed menus, to-do-list recipes or mental grocery lists. These things typically take up quite a bit of space in my head. But, sadly, the bar exam is occupying that precious real estate now. As such, I declare this day, July 25, 2008, to be Food Porn Friday. It shall feature gratuitous close-ups of my favorite BLT, complete with a creamy pesto spread. Enjoy!

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Brain Food

July 24, 2008

I’m down to five full study days left before the bar exam, folks. As the X in “T minus X days” continues to shrink, I am pulling out all the stops. And I don’t just mean studying night and day (but there’s that too). For instance, I’ve started searching for good omens everywhere—a lucky penny! I’m going to pass the bar!—and even lodging wishes every time the clock hits 11:11, 2:22, etc. (a habit I took quite seriously during high school, even though the success rate was desperately low). I haven’t gone so far as carrying a rabbit’s foot (because, um, ick) or hunting for four-leaf clovers, but I haven’t ruled either option out.

And then there’s the food. That’s right: I’ve even managed to find a way to make our meals a part of my bar preparation. For one thing, I’ve definitely been eating energy-rich meals and snacks. And, though I didn’t realize it last week when we made the dinner you see pictured here, I think it too did its part. It’s fish, after all, and haven’t you heard? Fish is good for brain power! In other words, I ate grilled tuna two weeks before the bar. Ergo, I’m going to pass the bar!

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Beet Evangelism

July 23, 2008

Lately, I’ve taken up the cause of the humble beet. For many people, beets are right up there with head cheese, blood sausage and other culinary unmentionables. Not so long ago, I was among these people. But then—oh, then—I saw the light. All it took was giving the beet a wee little chance and I fell in love. I’ve joined the flock of those who know that beets are earthy and dense and sweet, not to mention beautiful.

So, I’ve been trying to spread the news: the beet is your friend. Call it beet evangelism. My strategy has been multi-pronged. First, there’s some damage control. I assure my target that fresh beets, cooked gently in a shallow pool of water, bear no resemblance to the jiggly canned rounds we all know from salad bars gone by. When this doesn’t work, I appeal to aesthetics: beets come in a spectrum of deep jewel tones and their centers are ringed like the inside of an old oak tree. When I’ve struck out on these two fronts, I pull out my secret weapon: cheese. Preferably feta, but goat will do in a pinch.

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