Head on Over!

February 11, 2009


Another reminder — I’m posting over at TheKitchenSinkRecipes.com now.  Head on over to read about this menu (and don’t forget to update your subscriptions/bookmarks/etc)!


And So it Begins

December 7, 2008


For the last three years—2005, 2006 and 2007—December has meant one thing to me.  Law School Finals.  Not decking the halls.  No holly jolly.  Not a trace of yuletide cheer.  And absolutely no cookie baking.   Nope, just flashcards, anxiety, and exhaustion. So, when December crept up this year, I decided to make up for lost time, especially in the cookie department.


I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, surrounded by a cloud of sugar and flour, apron  cinched around my waist, spatula firmly in my palm.  I’ve also been making room in the freezer (no easy task) as the batches mount.  But, perhaps best of all, I’ve been poring over recipes.

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Still too full to talk. And here’s why:

The barbecue, ready for the dry-brined turkey:



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Thanksgiving Eve

November 26, 2008


Hello! I’ve got things to bake and cook and eat and drink, but I wanted to take a quick second to say hi, Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels, and all that. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday preparations as much as I am! What stage are you at? Baking? Shopping? Still planning the menu? Closing your eyes tight and hoping it will all just go away? Here’s a little glimpse of Thanksgiving Eve where I’m at:

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Well, friends: it’s over. The Bar Exam is over. And I just have to thank you all for putting up with my yammering on about it for two months—even on a daily basis recently. And more than that, thanks for all your well wishes. Each one was a little glimmer of happy in what was otherwise a not-so-fun few days. But after you’ve been so patient, so thoughtful, so all-together wonderful, I have just one more favor to ask of you.

Do you remember how I’ve been saying for the last two days that we’d return to our “regularly scheduled” programming today? And do you know how said programming involves some photos, a story and always, always, a recipe? Well, I’m hoping if I ask nicely, you’ll permit me just one more non-recipe post? Pretty please?

(Click “more” for the rest of the non-recipe—sigh—post.)

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Day Two

July 30, 2008

These are the items on the menu for Day Two of the Bar Exam.


Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Tomorrow!

Day One

July 29, 2008

I found this photo of a wee-sized me at a Kitchen Sink (get it?) of yesteryear. I’ve been meaning to share it here for a while and I think Day One of the Bar Exam is a perfect time. How great is that kitchen? Not to mention what must have been my mom’s very stylish handbag to the right of me. And then there’s me. I look like a real hoot, if I do say so myself.

We will return to our regularly-scheduled programming on Thursday, when my post-exam life begins.