All Photo Friday

August 15, 2008

As I’m writing this, it’s still Monday. I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row before leaving town tomorrow. And, it turns out that writing five posts in one day is exhausting! So, I’m making this another all photos-Friday. Up today: a fennel-and-sage crusted pork tenderloin. It’s delicious. And quite beautiful, too, I think.

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Who Needs Fireworks?

June 30, 2008

I really, really hope that I’m getting this to you in time. Please tell me you haven’t planned a Fourth of July menu yet. Or that, if you have, you’re at least open to being persuaded otherwise. Or that you have the sides all picked out and a bevy of desserts all lined up, but you just don’t know what will anchor the feast that will accompany your fireworks gawking, parade going, sun basking and cold beer sipping. Because have I got the recipe for you.

I try to avoid hyperbole on this site because I know you might grow tired of me and soon you’d just roll your eyes, oh-brothering your way on to the next food blog in your reader. So I try to contain myself most of the time, saving up my over-the-top oohs and ahhs for the really, really special recipes.

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Guessing Games

February 12, 2008


Well, apparently you all are not hot on the guessing games. Yesterday, I mentioned our Saturday night’s pretend-it’s-summer meal, dangling the potato salad as bait for you to guess our meaty main dish. And this enticement resulted in … silence. I got exactly zero guesses. Well, my friend Brynn lodged a couple guesses via e-mail, but I’m not sure that counts.


And since it’s clear that not-a-one of you is dying in suspense, it’s just no fun to leave you in the dark anymore. Did you all get together to hatch this reverse psychology plan? If so, well played.

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I may have just planned my last Family Dinner for quite some time. Oh, don’t worry: the Family Dinners will continue. Its just that I might only be cooking and enjoying them, rather than menu planning for them. Let me explain.


Ali, Kevin and I have entered into a friendly wager involving the latest season of The Biggest Loser. Let’s face it, the TV pickings are slim these days. What’s more, we don’t have a team in the NFL playoffs, the Bulls are completely awful and March Madness is half a January and a whole February (complete with an extra day for Leap Year!) away. So, folks, we’ve created our own sport.


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