Less Laduree, More Nabisco

March 24, 2008


I had big plans to make macarons last week. I had visions of elegant spring-colored confections, perfect to tuck into my carry-on bag and share with my family in Minnesota over the Easter weekend. Also it was Spring Break, so I figured I’d have some time on my hands. What better time to take on a task like creating macarons? Somehow, though, I ended up with oreos instead. Figures.







Still sandwich cookies, but the oreos were decidedly less Laduree and more Nabisco. Less French, more American. Less Easter-festive, more after-school snack. But while my macaron plan clearly derailed somewhere along the way, these oreos are substantially better than the Nabisco version (which, in my mind, belongs only in a DQ Blizzard, and—oh—does it shine there) and any kid who dines on these after school should consider himself very lucky. You see, these cookies are Thomas Keller‘s take on oreos.

(Click “more” for the rest of the story, more photos & the recipe.)

And if that’s not enough to convince you that you must make these cookies very soon, I should tell you that the cream that glues these cookies together is not the creepy substance manufactured to withstand weeks (months?) on a supermarket shelf. Oh no, it’s a white chocolate cream, and while it sets up a good bit, it stays just pliable enough to give the cookies a little slip-slide when you bite into them. And the cookies that slip-slide and beg you to twist them apart for individual treatment are crisp and chocolately and salty, mirroring the best parts of the cookies that hail from the blue package.


These cookies were the finale to our comfort food extravaganza on Monday night. Because our glasses were full of wine, of course, (so, no room for milk), we served these with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. All I can say is, move over macarons.

The recipe for TKOs (Thomas Keller’s Oreos), which is printed in The Essence of Chocolate, is available here.

13 Responses to “Less Laduree, More Nabisco”

  1. I have made Oreos at home, the version with shortening and butter as filling. These look more delicious!

  2. Amanda Says:

    We must be thinking on the same wavelength because guess what I had when I was in Napa on friday? A delicious TKO! The cream cheese filling is killer, sandwiched between two buttery cookies. I’m yearning to try to make these at home now.

  3. .: Mandy :. Says:

    I have a sudden craving for oreos! right now! =X

  4. michelle Says:

    they look great, and i can only imagine how yummy a homemade oreo must be. unfortunately, i’m still a little <a href=”go to my hello page“>scarredby thomas keller.

  5. Joe Says:

    Looks great and your pictures are wonderful!

  6. ourkitchensink Says:

    Patricia: Yes, that’s the other recipe I saw floating around (right?). I went with this one because I try to avoid shortening, but I bet the one you made taste closer to traditional oreos.

    Amanda: Too weird! Your trip sounds amazing.

    Mandy: My apologies! I can’t even say I wish I could send you a leftover, because they have long since been gobbled up.

    Michelle: I had a Thomas Keller snafu of my own. These oreos were much gentler and kinder.

    Joe: Thank you!

  7. Patsyk Says:

    Those look so good, and just by looking at them I imagine they taste even better than the original. I’m marking this one to try!

  8. Andrea Says:

    They look delicious! TKOs are the only Oreos I like. but I also love Bouchon Bakery macarons. The caramel ones are amazing.

  9. ourkitchensink Says:

    Patsyk: Thanks! Let me know how it goes!

    Andrea: Thank you! I love that Bouchon Bakery has both macarons and oreos.

  10. Tartelette Says:

    I made Oreos only once before (I am a weird one who gets lazy and make macarons instead). I bet they were tasty!

  11. PetitePeas Says:

    Hi, I just ate a TKO from Bouchon Bakery in Yountville and decided to make a batch for an encore.
    For some reason, my filling has the color and texture of condensed milk, i.e ivory and gooey, thick and sticky. The one I ate at Bouchon is definitely more of an Oreo filling texture.
    Did I not whip it enough? Any recommendations?

  12. Kristin at The Kitchen Sink Says:

    PetitePeas: Did you let the filling set up before you used it? That helped me. It was still pretty loose when I used it, but I put the oreos in the fridge for an hour or so after I filled them and that helped them set up completely. Let me know if this works.

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