Some Football Game

January 28, 2009

I have to say, I’ve been enjoying the recent football hiatus in my (Kevin’s) life.   Weekends are so productive!  The TV barely flickers to life for an entire Sunday afternoon (let alone Monday night, Thursday night and and and)!  And the Five-Five-Five-Dollar-Foot-Long jingle is finally out of my head (until now, whoops)!  But it’s come to my attention that there’s some football game this Sunday.  I believe they’re calling it the Super Bowl.

In truth, I like sports, but probably more for all the things that come with sporting events: grilling in the sun at a tailgate, recklessly strewing peanut shells under your seat at Wrigley, the Kiss-Cam on the JumboTron, a good worn-in baseball cap.  And, of course, Super Bowl parties.  It’s funny, isn’t it?  Even if you have never even heard of Big Ben or Kurt Warner, you’re probably entertaining a Super Bowl party invitation or two.

And while some of us might tune in to the Super Bowl for the commercials and others of us go for the, oh yeah, game, I unabashedly get excited about the game for the food.  A steaming pot of chili (as is Kevin’s family’s tradition), a smorgasbord of appetizers (as is my family’s tradition)—it’s all good.

The Super Bowl Party-inspired menu I’m putting together today diverges from the aforementioned traditions.  But it does boast non-negotiable Super Bowl staples: artichoke dip (here with sauteed Swiss chard, in place of the usual spinach) and brownies (only the best brownies imaginable, by the way—complete with a layer of peanut butter frosting and ganache).  To that, I’m suggesting you add beer boiled brats (grilled inside if you live in a climate like mine) with caramelized onions and roasted sweet potato fries.  But if you decide to go the chili route (or in, say, a roasted vegetable sandwich or meatball sandwich direction) instead, I’ll understand.

Super Bowl Party Menu

Swiss-Chard Artichoke Dip

Beer Boiled Chicken Brats with Caramelized Onions

Sweet Potato Oven Fries

Peanut Butter & Fudge Brownies with Salted Peanuts

7 Responses to “Some Football Game”

  1. Holy Brownie. I am totally craving chocolate right now but I need to read about how it is probably not a good idea to kill the decedent if you want to inherit under his or her will. Hope you have a fun party to cook for!

  2. Monica h Says:

    I don’t even like football, but I’m all for eating good on that day and it usually includes (like your family) a bunch of appetizers. Ooh, I can’t wait!

  3. Love this menu – especially the peanut butter brownies. That’s just about my favorite dessert! 🙂

  4. duodishes Says:

    Brats and fries. Sweet potato fries. Well done! This is a party we’d like to attend.

  5. Ali Says:

    Beer, Brats, and Buns… (Football or Flower), Yes Please! Go Cardinals!

  6. whitney: Ha! I’d forgotten all about that stuff (already!).

    Monica H: Hear hear. : )

    sweetandnatural: The brownies are kind of show-stealers.

    duodishes: Why thank you!

    Ali: I had no idea my sister was a Cardinals fan. ???

  7. katy Says:

    i have zero interest in football, but i’d suffer through it just for this menu! awesome.

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