Dinner at Wrigley

May 3, 2008

When it comes to grocery shopping and meal planning, I’m a wee bit crazy. I usually lay out the menu for the week on Saturday or Sunday and do all the shopping then. If we make changes here or there, we can run to the great little market down the street, but most nights, we’re all set. Last week, we had—gasp—a change in plans that left us with a menu-less night. We tossed a couple ideas back and forth before Kevin came back with the winner. He got tickets to Wednesday night’s Cubs-Brewers game at Wrigley. How did I feel about hot dogs and beer for our menu-less night, he wondered.

Well, let me tell you: I felt pretty, pretty great about it. We snapped up the tickets, pretended like it wasn’t 40 degrees outside and made our way over to the Friendly Confines. We got there early to snap a couple photos of what has to be the prettiest ball park on earth.

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(Top left: these guys are always next to the Harry Caray statue—I kind of want to take them home with me. Top right: the new Ernie Banks statue. Lower left: this would be the part of Wrigley that is reportedly falling down; luckily we didn’t have any “souvenirs” falling on us. Lower right: I told you we got there early.)

After our little photo shoot, we had worked up a good appetite. And let’s not forget thirst now shall we? I’d love to say we opted for the classic Old Style, but it was Bud Light for this Cubs fan.

Once we had ice-cold beers in our (mittened) hands, it was time to move on to the hard stuff. That’s right: the dogs. The dog pictured here, which features grilled onions, Chicago’s signature poppyseed bun, and an unspeakable amount of ketchup, is Kevin’s. If it were my hot dog, you’d see diced tomatoes, a pickle and plenty of mustard. I could barely snap three photos before Kevin went all Kobayashi and practically swallowed the thing whole.

While hot dogs and beers are great and all, it’s not a baseball game to me unless peanuts are involved. That and a scorecard, which I diligently keep up at least until the third inning (or until the beer man visits one too many times; he’s sneaky like that). But about the peanuts: the saltier the better. And there’s something undeniably fun about haphazardly throwing your shells on the ground.

All things considered (the Cubs’ 19 runs, the hot dog, beers, peanuts and photo shoot), it was a great evening. Definitely worth throwing a curve ball (ha!) into my OCD menu-planning ways. I’ll be back next-time with a regular, old recipe post!

(Wrigley’s famously controversial lights.)

5 Responses to “Dinner at Wrigley”

  1. Emily Says:

    Great photographs! Go Cubs!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Ketchup? He should be ashamed of himself!

    Your pictures make me homesick 🙂

  3. eggsonsunday Says:

    Great photos – and great to get a tour!

    Btw, have you noticed how WordPress is now doing these automatically generated “possibly related posts” links? I had to laugh at the last one generated under this post — “extreme dog makeover.” 🙂 Ha! –Amy

  4. Maddie Says:

    I’ve loved your blog, until this day. The day I find out you go to Cubs games and your husband eats ketchup on Chicago Hotdogs. Shame.

  5. Kristin at The Kitchen Sink Says:

    Thanks, Emily! And don’t you mean “Go Cubs Slash Rockies”? 🙂

    Vicki: Proximity to Wrigley was one of my favorite parts about moving back to Chicago. Oh, and the proximity to family and friends too …

    Amy: Thanks! Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about the new feature. I was giving it a go, but today’s links have me thinking perhaps I should disable it. Thoughts?

    Maddie: Ha! I can’t condone the ketchup either, but the Cubs? Don’t go there.

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