Air of Invincibility

January 26, 2008


Some funny things happen to you when you become a food blogger, apparently. For one thing, you feel guilty when you make something for dinner after you’ve already blogged about it, even if it’s one of your very favorite, most old-standby meals. For another, you find yourself completely rearranging your schedule in order to make things in the afternoon, hours before you’ll eat them, because—duh—that’s when the light is most pretty in your apartment, allowing you to stage a full-blown photo shoot. And, trust me, it’s a little weird to put the final touches on a post about short ribs while you’re eating breakfast. And it’s downright torture to write about ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls while you’re eating the yogurt-with-grapefruit-segments-breakfast that you love, love, love on any other morning.


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I love few things more than the excuse to make a celebratory dessert. I think it stems in large part from the fact that I actually don’t love desserts myself, so it’s very convenient to have an audience (and a person to take the leftovers home with her). But, even more, I think nothing says congratulations (or happy birthday or thank you or, heck, happy Tuesday) quite like a home-baked surprise.





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Lasagna: Layer by Layer

January 24, 2008


After my sister, Ali, upped the ante last week with her dinner pick (which she was forced to make in the wake of her Biggest Loser Bowl loss), I knew I had to come up with something pretty good when one of my teams got booted next. And if there’s a dinner that’s only too happy to one-up all the other dinners, it’s lasagna. A couple reasons for my choice …


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Just Another Salad Monday

January 23, 2008


Fun’s over, folks. That’s right: after four glorious weeks off from law school, yesterday was my first day back. Really, it’s not so bad. Not nearly as rigorous as I’m sure studying for the bar exam will be. And not even close to as much of a grind as I’m sure firm life will be next fall, when I actually start, you know, working. But, all in all, I had myself a lovely break. I holidayed, baked, pasta-ed, braised, mock-catered, kneaded and pate a choux-ed. Sure, there were a couple missteps. But there were also some second tries that were quite successful.


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Disappearing Act

January 22, 2008


I hope you’re not sick of hearing about the engagement party I cooked for last weekend yet. I know, after two days’ worth of posts, I might be trying your patience just an itsy-bitsy bit. But, hang on, because today’s post will make you glad you did.


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